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In the beginning we began as Red Nova Cattle where raising healthy, quality cattle was our goal. Nutrition was, and remains key to our operation. Cattle nutrition is important to us at Red Nova Nutritional, and something we take very seriously as producers ourselves.

We offer high quality Loomix® products with guaranteed consumption. Loomix® has been helping cattle reach their genetic potential since 1952.
Manufactured by Quality Liquid Feeds (QLF), the nations leader in cane molasses; Loomix® is the most recognized brand in the liquid feed business today.

Proven performance through consumption control and efficient fiber utilization enables Loomix to balance diets and enhance production results with formulations that provide supplemental protein, vitamins and minerals to many types of livestock operations. Loomix ingredients are carefully selected to help boost the performance of your herd, while helping you find a cost-effective way to help your cattle reach their genetic potential.

We raise cattle....understand your challenges and share your goals of remaining profitable and sustainable.

Red Nova Nutritional offers custom rations and guaranteed consumption control.


LOOMIX Liquid Feed Products from Red Nova Nutritional - Bovine, Cattle Nutrition.


Red Nova Nutritional is a certified LOOMIX dealer offering quality LOOMIX® products. This is a molasses based liquid feed supplement with patented rumen energizers and bio-available nutrients that translate into better herd health, shortened breed back, reduced calf loss, heavier weaning weights enhanced longevity and vitality. Our exclusive Rumenade product jumpstarts rumen activity in times of crisis and stress.

LOOMIX, Dairy Cattle, Bovine, Cattle Nutrition from Red Nova Nutritional


Through technology and research, Loomix provides the customer with “nutrient specific” formulations for their cow herd, thereby helping manage operation costs. Additionally, Loomix is one of the best free-choice carriers for approved additives.

Weaning & Arrival:
Loomix® has successfully started over 25 million head of cattle. Our unique starter products provide the right level of trace minerals, protein, vitamins, and specialty additives to get your calves started off right.

From arrival to finish, Loomix has the simple blends, custom mixes, and additives to meet all of your feedlot needs.

LOOMIX, Range Beef, Bovine, Cattle Nutrition from Red Nova Nutritional


Loomix supplements for dairy complement the overall ration profile and meet the cows nutrient needs. Specialty ingredients help provide the dairy cow with the performance and health boost needed to maximize profits.

We offer custom blends to meet nutritional needs from pre-fresh to production cycles.

Free choice open troughs and bulk TMR formulations decrease sickness and RP's while increasing fiber digestion and overall herd wellness.

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