Welcome to Red Nova Nutritional

Ag producers seeking consistent profit and performance look no further than Red Nova Nutritional. We are your full service resource for cattle feed and crop products that support health, sustainability, and profit! Located in Southern Idaho, we specialize in providing advanced nutrition for crops and cattle. From molasses feed and mineral supplements, to alfalfa preservative, silage inoculant, or biological soil treatment, we are dedicated to serving customers with the highest quality products and sharing the latest research available to help producers better understand each products.

We deliver to your herd, quality molasses-based cattle liquid feed supplements–LOOMIX by Quality Liquid Feeds (QLF).

We are your resource if you are looking for soil biologic, natural soil treatments, or alfalfa/hay cure products. Our biological soil products from Quality Liquid Feeds (OLF) Agronomy and Integrated Biological Systems offer results and are research supported.

HayDri, is our acid-free alfalfa/hay cure that reduces drying time, improves leaf retention, and increases relative feed values (RFV).

Red Nova Nutritional, was established in 2004 by Paul & Cindy Seaman. We too, are agri-producers who can relate to the day-to-day challenges of crop and livestock production. With this experience, we bring you research-based products that nourish, cure, preserve, and energize. Helping producers achieve an outcome of profitability and peace of mind is our number one goal. Whether you are interested in quality liquid feeds, salt reducers, water penetrant, specific cattle nutrition or hay cure treatments, Red Nova Nutritional can help.

We look forward to meeting you, learning of your challenges, and assisting you in finding a solution. Please take a look around to learn more and contact us with any questions or for additional information.

Services We Offer

We offer a full array of services to meet your needs. Interested in LOOMIX products, alfalfa preservative, soil treatments or other natural soil amendments, HayDri and silage inoculants? Red Nova Nutritional can help! Contact us today to learn more!

Bovine Nutrition

Red Nova Nutritional is a certified LOOMIX dealer offering quality LOOMIX® products in Idaho and beyond. Supplement with patented rumen energizers and bio-available nutrients that translate into better herd health, shortened breed back, reduced calf loss, heavier weaning weights enhanced longevity and vitality. Our exclusive Rumenade product jumpstarts rumen activity in times of crisis and stress. LEARN MORE!

Biologic Soil Amendments

Feed the microorganisms in your soils to boost production, balance elemental overloads, and accelerate root growth. We offer commercial, agricultural, and home-based biologics that are research based, safe, and effective. Use with or without chemical applications. LEARN MORE!

Hay Cure & Silage Inoculant

Learn how our HayDri product assists in naturally accelerating hay production cycles. Get the crop up quick to water up for the next crop! Shatter is reduced and leaf retention is notably enhanced adding to increased RFV in the stack and palatability in the bunk. Our silage inoculants outperform the competition in feed values and palatability. LEARN MORE!